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Streams every Thursday @

Timely Commissions

These are commissions separate from my main queue. I take limited slots each week (3 generally).

Please note that:

1. Prices are in USD.

2. Paypal invoices only.

3. I do not start work until payment is received.

4. Prices are per hour.

5. No refunds after work has begun on your slot. 

6. You may request to remain as an anonymous client, but I will not keep art private unless you pay a fee upwards of 50% of the final price. 

7. Distinct visual references are *required*.  You don't need a fancy reference sheet, but a clear visual drawing or representation of your character.

8. Your commission may be postponed till the next day or two after the initial stream. Generally, stuff gets done on Thursday, but interruptions can happen! I will send you a message through your preferred contact to let you know if this happens with your slot.  

9. Let me know you submitted a form so I know to check it out!


✔️✔️✔️Acceptable Themes✔️✔️✔️

  • Pretty much any species; Anthro, feral, or humanoid

  • I am open to any pairing (m/m, f/f, m/f, and trans/intersex characters)

  • Vore, gore, and general monstery/violent things are fine.

  • I am fine with depicting child characters in SFW/family-friendly situations. 

  • Fat, fit, thin, or whatever in-between! Slightly exaggerated body types are okay.

  • I'm not *super* great at mechanical features(cars, mecha, artillery, etc), but I am always happy to try and love the opportunity to learn. 

❌❌❌Not Interested❌❌❌

  • Scat

  • detailed vomit

  • NSFW cub

  • diapers 

  • Extreme-Hyper features and body types.

Uncertain on your commission idea? Just ask! :)

Ready to order? Click here!

Non-stream days (or if slots fill up) the form will be closed! Thanks for understanding. 


Patrons can order ahead! 


Current Rates:
$75 per hour
$40 per half hour

Short worded prompts and ideas are encouraged; brief is better. I tend to lean towards artistic freedom otherwise. 

1+ hour (minimum) for additional characters.

30 mins + for settings/backgrounds (minimum)

3 hours maximum per order. Anything larger we'll have to talk about off-stream.

All time amounts listed below are base minimum required.

Sketch Pages

Greyscale/Monochrome: 1 hour

A series of studies of a single character. These can follow a loose sequential story or be unrelated poses/scenes. You may specify a handful of pose ideas, references are encouraged!

Extra characters are +1 hour each.

Color: 2 hours

If you would like color, it generally takes an additional 30 minutes for simple characters, or an extra hour for complex characters for every hour I've spent sketching.

Please factor this in with your time frame. 


Portrait: 1 hour

Shoulders-up view of your character. 
Mawshots are considered complex and require at least +30 mins.

Full Body: 2 hours

Full view of a character. Drastic perspectives or angles may have part of the character cropped.

You're welcome to request a background/setting. Adding extra time ensures details, otherwise they'll be very simplistic/scribbly.

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