Starting at:

Includes general background/setting.

Add another character
+ $110

Background Upgrade
+$100 to $300
Varies on complexity/demand.

Detailed paintings. Available in portrait or landscape styles. 

These are done to client specification, with conceptual sketches and WIP updates through the entire process. 


Starting at:

Complex Markings/Design
+ $25 to $50


Includes a color gradient/fade of your choice.


+$45 to $100

Fictional characters and pets are both acceptable themes.

I currently do not offer portraits of real people. I am not comfortable with my abilities on humanoid faces quite yet.

Character Art

Busts $50

Full body $75


Complex markings/Design
+ $10 to $30

+$45 & up varying on complexity

Character art done with bold line work.

 I generally work with:

sketch > ink > flat > shading

to give updates for approval at each state.


Busts $50
 Full body $80

8.5 x 11 (portrait) Canvas + $40

24 x 13.5(16:9 ratio) Canvas + $60

Artistic freedom based works. These are usually done in one, maybe two sessions.  I am happy to take a prompt or idea, but these otherwise come with no WIPs or revisions. 

No complexity fees normally; overly intricate characters may be simplified or stylized. 

Reference Sheets

Starting at:
Front and back views, plus one headshot expression.  Includes general text work  name, color palette, and description.

Add another pose for +$70


$100-200 Painty Pose

$50 for item / prop detail shots. 

$20 per headshot

$50 per extra outfit shot, drawn over full body pose. 

$20 per small/simple detail
+$30 for NSFW

Prices listed may increase due to

character complexity. Contact for a quote.

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