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In-Stream Commissions

These are commissions separate from my main queue. I take limited slots each week (3 generally).

Please note that:

1. Prices are in USD.

2. Paypal invoices only.

3. I do not start work until payment is received.

4. Prices listed are base prices, additional details may increase the final price.

5. No refunds after work has begun on your slot. 

6. You may request to remain as an anonymous client, but I will not keep art private unless you pay a fee upwards of 50% of the final price. 

7. Distinct visual references are *required* unless you are getting a character concept done. 

8. Your commission may be postponed till the next day or two after the initial stream. Generally, stuff gets done on Thursday, but interruptions can happen! I will send you a message through your preferred contact to let you know if this happens with your slot.  

9. Let me know you submitted a form so I know to check it out!



✔️✔️✔️Acceptable Themes✔️✔️✔️

  • Pretty much any species; Anthro, feral, or humanoid

  • I am open to any pairing (m/m, f/f, m/f, and trans/intersex characters)

  • Vore, gore, and general monstery/violent things are fine.

  • I am fine with depicting child characters in SFW/family-friendly situations. 

  • Fat, fit, thin, or whatever in-between! Slightly exaggerated body types are okay.

  • I'm not *super* great at mechanical features(cars, mecha, artillery, etc), but I am always happy to try and love the opportunity to learn. 

❌❌❌Not Interested❌❌❌

  • Scat

  • detailed vomit

  • NSFW cub

  • diapers 

  • Extreme-Hyper features and body types.

Uncertain on your commission idea? Just ask! :)

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Non-stream days (or if slots fill up) the form will be closed! Thanks for understanding. 


Patrons can order ahead! 

Character Art

$40 per headshot
$75 per fullbody

Complexity fees:

$20 Wings/extra limbs

$15 Detailed Spines/scales

$10+ Complex markings

$15 Props

$25+ Intricate Outfits


+ $25 - $50 for a vignette
Character in center with minor environmental features over a flat background (bg may include gradient). Price will vary on complexity of features desired.

Additional fees may vary. Prices are case-by-case.

Boldly lined character drawings with shading and color.

Visual references are *required*.


First three images contain Vignette examples. All that follow are standard gradient/colors that are included as base with commissions.


If you need a simple reference or concept whipped up real quick.

This option allows more input on the client's side on specific details and traits. It's a little less involved than your typical ref sheet commission, but should do nicely for a basis to work from. I will not do excessive edits.

Visual references are encouraged, even if it's art/photos of things *similar* to your idea. A reference sheet is *not* required for this commission type.

(flat color only)

$100 (includes 1 view)
+$60 per additional view

Props and complexities follow the same pricing as Character Art.

Sketch Pages

 $60 per hour

Short worded prompts and ideas are encouraged; brief is better.
These lean towards artistic freedom otherwise. 

Color: 2 hours minimum.
If you would like color, it generally takes an additional 30 minutes for simple characters, or an extra hour for complex characters for every hour I've spent sketching. Please factor this in with your time frame. 

You can request color for 2+ hour sketch pages.  

1+ hour for additional characters.

3 characters max.  

4 hours maximum per page.

Coloring will often be done OFF stream for larger pages. Colors are typically flat, but may include minor shading and textures in some cases.


By default they are greyscale with some minor markings/highlights in. They can be monochrome color upon request.